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Mastering the Mysteries of File and Suspend

When and how you claim your Social Security benefit impacts the amount you receive.
Could file and suspend be beneficial and benefit-enhancing?
Q: My wife and I are trying to decide when […]

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How to Adjust a Portfolio When Nearing Retirement

Investors who follow the financial media probably have noticed a familiar trend over the years. The financial media is notorious for focusing on the most volatile of investments including stock […]

Curbing the Costs of Health Care

Health care expenses are a major concern for people of all ages, from recent college graduates to those nearing retirement. While it’s impossible to predict how much health care will […]

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Getting on the Right Financial Track After Graduation

Do you know anyone graduating this year? According to the Project on Student Debt, an initiative sponsored by the Institute for College Access & Success, graduating seniors carried an average […]

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Improving Your Financial Health in 2013

For months, the media has focused on the fiscal cliff—those sweeping tax increases and spending cuts that are due to go into effect on January 1, 2013, unless Congress acts […]

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Baby Boomers on the Move: What to Consider If You Are Planning to Relocate

You’ve worked incredibly hard and are finally getting close to retirement. Like many other baby boomers, with your kids out of the house and a surplus of empty space and […]

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Avoiding a Personal Financial Filibuster

Is the current political race getting in the way of your financial plan? Depending on the way the data is manipulated, one may come to the conclusion that the market […]

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Tips for Saving Money on Your Cell Phone

Whether you’re looking for the hottest new toy or just want to save money on your monthly bill, there are plenty of ways to trim the overall cost of your […]

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The Light at the End of the Tunnel

As we look at the trajectory of the U.S. economic recovery, once again this year we see a light at the end of the tunnel and wonder if it is […]

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Encore Careers: Becoming Your Own Boss

These days, retiring from one career doesn’t necessarily mean quitting work altogether. In fact, entrepreneurs in their 50s and 60s have launched more new businesses over the past decade than […]

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