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What does a company owe its clients? Is it simply a transaction or should there be something deeper? Should a company share its core mission, be transparent about its values, and in so doing create expectations that it must live up to? At Strategic Retirement Plans, the answer is a resounding YES! Today we want…(Read More)

Have you ever wondered what goes into the strategy for investing our clients’ funds? What does that process look like and how is it different for each client? We’d like to give you a peek behind the curtain at what we do to prepare and customize an investment strategy for each client. It all…(Read More)

Our very own Gabe Lapito took some time to visit with Aaron Flint of “Montana Talks” on a variety of topics. From recent awards to market conditions to why Billings Montana is a great place to be, take a minute to listen to this wide-ranging interview. Thanks to “Montana Talks” for letting us spend…(Read More)

It’s the time of year when many people are taking care of their tax obligations. This will be the last year for doing your taxes before the new rules of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed in late 2017 will take effect. That means next year will be a whole different situation for…(Read More)

  Here at Strategic Retirement Plans, we have the pleasure to work with wonderful people doing great things at the company and in the community. We believe that building a culture that emphasizes a “people first” attitude will result not only in great personal relationships, but also great business relationships. Ryan Gomendi epitomizes this quality…(Read More)

Welcome to our new home!


We have recently moved into our new office building, but it’s much more than an office to us. It already feels like home! We feel extremely honored to be able to provide this new space for our team and clients and it is our hope you’ll feel at home here with us too…(Read More)

  Presented by Gabe Lapito and Ryan Gomendi Market drops are scary, especially when they come day after day. The decline on Monday, February 5, was particularly bad. In fact, it has been billed as the largest point drop ever for the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Looking at that, it’s normal to think that…(Read More)

  We have the distinct privilege of working with some amazing clients. Our team at SRP thoroughly enjoys getting to see how our clients are enjoying their retirement. Since we enjoy these stories so much, we thought you might too. With that, we’d like to introduce you to Dan and Claudette Brouillette! To say…(Read More)

At Strategic Retirement Plans we are always trying to help our clients create a complete financial plan that includes estate, tax, retirement, investment, and insurance planning. In addition to these five areas, we often receive a lot of questions about how to plan for charitable giving. We believe it is important to help others along…(Read More)

The holiday season is a busy time for everyone—especially cyber thieves. While shopping online for the best deals, it’s critical to be aware of common scams and risky online behavior that could ruin the holidays. Keep these tips in mind to better protect yourself. Be careful when checking e-mail. The volume of…(Read More)