Michael Costa

Chief Investment Officer

MBA, MA International Affairs, CFA, CFP®

Founder, NextStep Portfolios

NextStep and Commonwealth are separate and unrelated

Mike grew up in New England, where he lives today with his wife and young son. He’s had a long journey before settling down right near where he started.  After attending college at the University of Maine in a little town called Farmington, he hiked the entire length of the Appalachian Trail and joined the Peace Corps in Kenya, where he lived in a fishing town and worked to help reduce the spread of life-threatening diseases like malaria and HIV. After that life-changing experience, he returned to the US to obtain his masters degree in business administration and to begin the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) program.

While studying for the CFA, Mike fell in love with finance and has never looked back. After graduation, he worked overseas as an investment consultant and portfolio manager. By the time he returned home to be closer to family, he had become a co-portfolio manager on several large mutual funds for Fidelity International.  Since then, he’s become a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) so that he can better marry-up investment theory with the practical needs of real people.

Mike’s passion is democratizing and demystifying finance. He believes everyone deserves thoughtful, high-quality portfolio management. When good portfolio management joins with good financial planning, the results can be powerful. When he’s not digging deep into market’s data, news and discussing how to position portfolios with Gabe, Ryan and Kaelen, he’s out fishing for striped bass, hiking or spending time outdoors with his son.