We are a personal financial service firm where relationships are established before business is transacted; where trust, knowledge, and honesty are as important as portfolio preservation and return.

Our goal is to be a life-long advisor, always available and always interested in our clients. We have had the privilege of helping many navigate the transition to retirement income. We know the legal and tax pitfalls and how to maneuver successfully around them.

Our expertise is in financial planning for retirees. Our clients tell us where they want to go, and, based on their goal, we chart the best course.

Beginning with a complimentary consultation, we learn our clients dreams, objectives and primary concerns. We then act as a guide along the path to income stability and asset protection so our clients can enjoy the view while pursuing their dreams.

Through regularly scheduled reviews, clients are kept informed and enjoy financial confidence knowing their financial resources are providing a comfortable lifestyle. Using exchange traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, annuities, bonds, money markets and alternative investments our clients benefit from personalized diversification and stability of income.

We continually monitor and research income tax and retirement related laws, which means that we are constantly learning. We stay current in our research of quality investments and sound asset allocation strategies to maintain the best result for our clients.