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We are a holistic financial planning firm that partners with our clients to help create streams of income in retirement

Our goal is to fully understand the retirement dreams and goals of each individual and to be passionate stewards of those dreams and goals with integrity and excellence. At Strategic Retirement Plans we do not have clients, we have family.

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With backgrounds in tax, accounting, investing and financial planning, Gabe, Ryan, and Kaelen offer a holistic approach to retirement planning. Much beyond investment advice, we can help you solidify each pillar of your financial plan. As important as all of that is, the best part for us, is seeing client relationships develop into friendships, and watching these friends step into their golden years with confidence and security. What a high honor it is to be a trusted advisor.

Retirement Planning

The 5 Pillars of Strategic Retirement Plans

Insurance Planning

Estate Planning

Tax Planning

Investment Planning

Retirement Planning

Each pillar is very important to supporting a solid financial plan. Failing to solidify one of these pillars can leave a retirement plan susceptible to trouble, but our holistic process can help pave the way for a successful retirement financial plan.

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Credentialed Professionals

Our team at SRP is dedicated to providing clarity, guidance, and confidence for our clients as they plan for retirement.  We are committed to education and continuous improvement to deliver the best possible service. Members of our team have obtained the following certifications:

LIVE Generously

Did you know that research shows that the most joy that money can buy comes from spending it on shared experiences with the people you love most as well as investing in charitable causes you care most about. We love giving back and investing in these amazing organizations.

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We would love to meet you and hear about your retirement dreams and goals. Come in for a complimentary discovery appointment with Gabe or Ryan where you can ask any questions or discuss topics of your choice to help you gain clarity about your financial future.

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Market Updates, The Oil Industry, Risk Management & More

Rising Interest Rates and My Retirement Portfolio

Two months into Joe Biden's presidency, Gabe and Ryan give us the latest on the rising interest rates for 2021 and how it affects your retirement portfolio. How do the rising interest rates affect your portfolio? It's been two months since...

Veteran Highlight – Mark Graham

Veteran Highlight – Mark Graham

Another Veteran highlight from one of our awesome clients Mark Graham. We are continually amazed by the service and dedication of our veteran clients and love sharing their stories. Mark is originally from Billings, MT – Mark Graham served in the Military for 47...

Ryan Gomendi Made Partner at Strategic Retirement Plans

Ryan Gomendi Made Partner at Strategic Retirement Plans

Billings, MT. (March 17, 2021) Strategic Retirement Plans, is excited to announce the new ownership/partner status of Ryan Gomendi. Strategic Retirement plans has been serving the Gillette, WY and Billings, MT area for over 20 years. As a holistic...

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