Investments? Yes, of course. But what about the other four areas? Have you secured each pillar?


We put a high priority on developing real relationships with our clients. Stepping into retirement is a major transition and we will be right there alongside you helping you navigate all of the curves right through to the very end.


We can’t predict the future. But, we can help you understand risk and build a custom portfolio around your risk tolerance. We can even stress test your portfolio and show you how your portfolio might perform in different market environments.


You are about to navigate some pivotal financial transitions. Timely adjustments can change the trajectory for your entire financial future. After a lifetime of saving, you want to get this part right.


Did you know that money is cited as one of the top reason for divorce in the United States? It is amazing to see the stress that can be relieved and the peace that can come when a solid financial plan is put into place.


Your pension, social security, real estate, investment accounts… These will soon need to take the place of your monthly paycheck. Will it be enough? How long will it last? That’s what we can help answer for you.


“If my parents would have had someone to guide them to invest in a safe and understandable way when they sold their businesses, their retirement would look so different.” Simple planning and guidance can make all the difference.

The Latest Video Updates from Gabe & Ryan

February 2024 Market Thoughts Brad McMillan, Commonwealth’s CIO, recaps February’s market and economic news. Stocks performed well in February, with most markets up in the low- to mid-single digits. The Nasdaq and emerging markets did especially...

2024 Forecast Event

Staying the Course We will discuss how experts fared with their 2023 predictions, what they are saying about 2024, and how we plan to take advantage of opportunities within the markets.

2024 Investment Event Our annual client event with Michael Costa, our Chief Investment Officer, provides insight into the previous year's markets and gives a forecast of what's to come in 2024.

January 2024 Market Thoughts Brad McMillan, Commonwealth’s CIO, recaps December’s market and economic news. Markets around the world were up from 3 percent to 6 percent last month and up by double-digits across the board for the year. The lack of a...

December 2023 Market Thoughts Brad McMillan, Commonwealth’s CIO, recaps November’s market and economic news. Markets roared back in November as interest rates dropped to September levels. U.S. indices were up from 8 percent to 11 percent, with the...

Long Term Care – It’s All About A Plan

Long Term Care – It’s All About A Plan

We partnered with Ash Brokerage to discuss Long-Term Care. Quick Hits What is Long-Term Care, and what's your plan? Medicare vs. Medicaid Private Long-Term Care Options Long-Term Care Insurance Options Watch the entire webinar here.

November 2023 Market Thoughts

November 2023 Market Thoughts Brad McMillan, Commonwealth’s CIO, recaps October’s market and economic news. U.S. indices were down for the third consecutive month, with the Nasdaq doing the worst. International markets also pulled back, and fixed...

Monthly Market Thoughts – October 2023 U.S. indices were down for the second consecutive month, with the Nasdaq doing the worst. International markets pulled back, and fixed income was also down. That said, job growth remained healthy, consumer confidence...

Why a Fee-Based Financial Advisor Right For You

How do financial advisors get paid, and why does it matter to you? Gabe and Ryan are walking through why a fee-based investment advisory practice may be right for you. There are six reasons why SPR thinks a fee-based model is right for our...

Monthly Market Update – May 2023

After a strong March, financial markets were mixed in April. U.S. markets were up by low single digits, bond markets showed small gains, but emerging markets pulled back. Concerns around inflation and the banking crisis lingered,...