Investments? Yes, of course. But what about the other four areas? Have you secured each pillar?


We put a high priority on developing real relationships with our clients. Stepping into retirement is a major transition and we will be right there alongside you helping you navigate all of the curves right through to the very end.


We can’t predict the future. But, we can help you understand risk and build a custom portfolio around your risk tolerance. We can even stress test your portfolio and show you how your portfolio might perform in different market environments.


You are about to navigate some pivotal financial transitions. Timely adjustments can change the trajectory for your entire financial future. After a lifetime of saving, you want to get this part right.


Did you know that money is cited as one of the top reason for divorce in the United States? It is amazing to see the stress that can be relieved and the peace that can come when a solid financial plan is put into place.


Your pension, social security, real estate, investment accounts… These will soon need to take the place of your monthly paycheck. Will it be enough? How long will it last? That’s what we can help answer for you.


“If my parents would have had someone to guide them to invest in a safe and understandable way when they sold their businesses, their retirement would look so different.” Simple planning and guidance can make all the difference.

The Latest Video Updates from Gabe & Ryan

Monthly Market Update – January 2023

December closed out a tough year for markets. The U.S. indices showed single-digit declines for the month, capping off drops for the year of about 7 percent for the Dow, more than 18 percent for the S&P 500, and 32 percent for the...

Monthly Market Update – December 2022

November was a good month for markets as the bounce from October continued. U.S. indices saw single-digit gains, and developed and emerging markets were up by double digits. The primary driver here was optimism that the Fed will slow future...

VIDEO SERIES: ExxonMobil Benefits Package + Retirement Considerations

In this 5 part video series, Certified Financial Planners and Advisors, Ryan and Gabe, cover the components of the ExxonMobil Benefits package and all of the factors to consider for planning your retirement. Click the list icon in the top right corner of the video to...

Monthly Market Update – October 2022

September was a bad month for markets, which were down between 8 percent and 12 percent for the month both here and abroad. The decline was driven by interest rates, which rose sharply. Despite the market pullback, there was some positive data for the last quarter....

Monthly Market Update – September 2022

After a strong rebound in July, markets pulled back again in August. U.S. and developed international markets ended the month down by 3 percent to 5 percent, and fixed income declined. The primary driver here was rising rates. Higher...

The Effects of Inflation on Your Retirement Plan in 2022!

Prices are UP! What do the effects of inflation mean for you and your retirement plan in 2022? We discuss the mandates of the Federal Reserve, what actions they're taking and what this means for you. Increasing Interest Rates to Stabilize...

Monthly Market Update: August 2022

After a terrible start to 2022, markets rebounded in July. U.S. and developed international markets were up by 5 percent or more, with only emerging markets trailing. The primary driver here was the Fed. It has raised interest rates close to a neutral level, and...

Monthly Economic and Market Update: July 2022

June was a terrible month, with stock markets in the U.S. and abroad down substantially and developed international markets hit the hardest. The underlying reason? The Fed. With inflation high, the Fed has raised interest rates over the past six months, which has...

Stocks are Down. What’s Your Next Move?

Listen in to Certified Financial Planners, Gabe Lapito and Ryan Gomendi of Strategic Retirement Plans, as they give their best advice and suggestions for navigating this economic shift and the downturn of the stock market.

Bear Market: What is your Response?

We've hit our 3rd bear market in the last 43 months. A bear market is when the market drops 20% from it's high. What does this mean for you and your retirement plan? Is this normal? Listen in as Gabe and Ryan discuss the volatility....

Monthly Market Update: May 2022

April was one of the worst months for the markets since the start of the pandemic. U.S. markets were down between 5 percent for the Dow and 14 percent for the Nasdaq, while international markets fell between 5 percent and 7 percent. Rising interest rates drove...

Inflation and Rising Interest Rates

Inflation is at a 40-year high which leads to a lot of uncertainty out there. What does this mean for stock markets and what does it mean for the economy? Listen in as Gabe and Ryan, Certified Financial Planners discuss the relationship of inflation and interest rates...