Health Insurance in Retirement

by | Feb 19, 2021 | Health Insurance, Retirement Planning, Videos

One of the biggest questions we get from our clients in retirement is how do we handle health insurance before turning 65? How do you afford it and who do you buy it from? Learn some helpful tips from Gabe Lapito and Ryan Gomendi.

How to handle health insurance before Medicare is an option

One of the biggest questions we get for retirement is “how do I handle health insurance before I’m 65?”, “I want to retire, how can I afford health coverage?”, “Who do I buy it through?”. Those are all the questions we are getting in regards to health insurance in retirement.

Should you continue to work strictly for health coverage?

Health coverage is obviously a very big topic that we address with a lot of our clients, and prospective clients. We have great solutions for these questions. One thing we always say, though, is you should not be working strictly for health coverage, so long as you’ve got the money to do it. There are some creative solutions that we often help people with, to get you to age 65 in which Medicare kicks in.

If you’re considering not retiring because you want health insurance until you’re 65, don’t make that decision. Come on in, and ask us about what your options are. The solutions may work for you or sometimes they may not. However, getting that answer is much better than working just for the health insurance until 65.

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