What Do Rising Interest Rates Mean for You?

Yesterday’s big news was that the Federal Reserve (Fed) has finally increased interest rates, by 25 basis points or one-quarter of 1 percent. On the face of it, this increase […]

Revised One-Rollover-Per-Year Limit Applies in 2015 – IRS Clarifies Rules


The Internal Revenue Code says that if you receive a distribution from an IRA, you can’t make a tax-free (60-day) rollover into another IRA if you’ve already completed a tax-free […]

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Unexpected Wealth, Unexpected Challenges

A financial windfall, when handled appropriately, can provide a financial support structure that can last for years to come. Sudden wealth can come from a variety of places, including:

Marriage or […]

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Saving for College? Here’s Why You Should Consider a 529 Plan

Summer is almost over, and many a parent is already preparing for the back-to-school rush. If college is in your children’s future, you may also be wondering about the best […]

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