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Brad McMillan, Commonwealth’s CIO, recaps the market and economic news for April. It was another great month, as U.S., emerging, and developed markets were all in the green. Although there were concerns about a slowdown at the end of last month, first-quarter economic growth actually came in well above expectations. Plus, consumer…(Read More)

Ryan Gomendi, Masters of Accountancy (MACC), Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®) and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with Strategic Retirement Plans, has successfully earned the Certified Financial Planner Certification CFP®. The CFP® is regarded across the industry as the gold standard in financial planning. Required in attaining a CFP® certification is a six-hour, 170-question exam designed…(Read More)

What is the greatest impact we can make in our lives? Is it what we do in our work, or maybe with our generosity? What about life changing help for a stranger? All of those are noble pursuits, but most people would agree that the legacy we leave our family will be the most important…(Read More)

Brad McMillan, Commonwealth’s CIO, recaps the market and economic news for March. It was another great month, with U.S., emerging, and developed markets all up. But this strength was a bit strange, considering the weakening seen in the fundamentals. Here in the U.S., both consumer and business confidence took a hit, the…(Read More)

Living Generously


What does generosity look like to you? Is it cutting a check or giving your time? Do you see being generous as something you do once a year or is it a lifestyle? We believe that generosity takes many forms and each one leaves our world in a better situation. We also believe that generosity…(Read More)

Are you ready for tax time? While it isn’t really an exciting time, it’s something we all have to deal with, and this year there will be big changes. You probably remember all the big tax law changes that were announced in 2017, but now those changes are going to be seen in…(Read More)

Saving for retirement can be done in a variety of ways. Some people have a 401k or pension setup with an employer, but the most popular way for an individual to save for retirement is with an “IRA”. Today we want to take a high-level look at an IRA and answer a few common…(Read More)

Will the Market Keep Dropping?


Presented by Gabe Lapito and Ryan Gomendi If you’re like many investors, you’re starting to worry. After all, the stock market has declined for the third month in a row, with the S&P 500 in correction territory (i.e., down 10+ percent from the peak). Plus, important trend lines (e.g…(Read More)

The railroad industry has a long and storied history in America. It is responsible for spreading the industrial revolution across the country and making it possible for transports to go from the Atlantic to the Pacific. It is no wonder such an important industry has its own specific retirement plan with unique features. Let’s…(Read More)

What To Do With Volatility?


There is no disputing the last few weeks in the markets have been challenging. Everyone is trying to predict how deep the declines will go and memories of 2008 and “corrections” are forefront on the minds of investors. The news media sensationalizes the market’s performance, but what does the recent volatility mean and how…(Read More)