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Have You Seen the New Investor 360°®?


We are thrilled to let you know about the new Investor360°® – giving you a faster, easier, and more intuitive way to view your complete financial picture.

A host of new features was added to considerably improve your overall experience. Just log in to Investor360° as you normally would, and you’ll notice the following:

  • It’s faster! Pages load more quickly, so you can get the information you need without delay.
  • You can view your portfolio more easily on mobile devices.
  • You can view account information for customized date ranges.
  • Your history chart now goes back to the date the account was opened.
  • From the centralized Statements & Documents tab, you can view any documents we’ve shared with you, as well as historical brokerage statements and confirms, in a secure vault.
  • With a new, easier to access Settings page, you can update your account settings, login information, and paperless preferences.
  • You have the ability to view gain/loss totals on the Realized Gain/Loss report at both the account level and across accounts.
  • We’ve integrated the site with Quicken Personal Finance and Money Management Software.

We think you’ll find it even easier to stay on top of your portfolio and to keep informed as an investor. For your convenience, a reference guide is available on Investor360° to help you familiarize yourself with the system. Simply click on the icon in the upper right-hand corner for access.

Take a few minutes to explore the new Investor360°!

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