Is the Stock Market Gambling?

by | Feb 9, 2021 | Investing in the Stock Market, Videos

Is Game Stop right for you? Watch the video to see Gabe and Ryan’s take on gambling versus investing.

Difference between Gambling and Investing

Is the stock market gambling? We get that question quite a bit and the short answer is, we certainty don’t feel like it is. Gambling is when the odds are stacked against you, we are investing. When investing, long-term equity values go up 70% of the time, which is investing with the odds stacked with us.

It’s a question we have worked through with clients many times. Again, long-term investing is completely different from gambling. Gambling is trying to get in, get out, and make a quick buck. Investing is evaluating trends and patterns over a long period of time and putting our trust in a great company. We want to inject cash into that company and invest to see the value increase. Something we prioritize here at SRP is making great investment decisions for our retirements.

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