We’ve hit our 3rd bear market in the last 43 months. A bear market is when the market drops 20% from it’s high. What does this mean for you and your retirement plan? Is this normal? Listen in as Gabe and Ryan discuss the volatility.

Is the Bear Market we are Seeing Normal?

Historically, a bear market means that it’s down 20% from it’s high. It happens, on average, every 2.3 years. So yes, this is a slight increase in volatility compared to normal markets. However, in today’s world, what is normal anymore? We think volatility is here to stay. This is never fun to go through. Our investment team is looking for new investment opportunities. We are seeing some exciting opportunities show up, but more importantly, we built plans to last in these sorts of seasons: steady streams of income that are in place for our clients, regardless of the state of the market. We are here to help guide you through the storm.

What should you be doing during this Bear Market

What does “weathering the storm” entail? Live your life as you would. Take the Disney trip with your family and enjoy yourself. If it comes to a large one-time expense, maybe hold off during these down markets. The point is, we have these plans in place so that you can get your “return on life” and let us worry about your return on investment. Of course, we don’t like these seasons, but our plans are built to weather the storm.