Ryan Gomendi Earns CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Certification

by | May 1, 2019 | Home, News & Announcements

Ryan Gomendi, Masters of Accountancy (MACC), Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®) and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with Strategic Retirement Plans, has successfully earned the Certified Financial Planner Certification CFP®.

The CFP® is regarded across the industry as the gold standard in financial planning. Required in attaining a CFP® certification is a six-hour, 170-question exam designed to thoroughly vet applicants’ abilities to apply a range of financial planning skills and knowledge in real-life situations. It focuses on 72 essential knowledge topics identified by a board of certified financial planners, with questions audited by test experts. Topics range from financial planning and investment principles to tax, estate and risk management competency with a notorious emphasis on fiduciary ethics. The exam is evaluated on a pass/fail basis, and if even one subject area of the exam is failed, the test taker does not earn a passing score.

“Preparing for this exam has been nearly a full-time job for the past four months, but the opportunity to better equip myself to guide clients through a holistic financial plan makes it worth the work,” says Ryan. “The end goal of everything we do is to lead our clients through the ups and downs of the market cycles and help them achieve a successful retirement. Over the last few decades, the financial world has evolved into so much more than just a stockbroker placing trades for his or her client. As advisors we look at all major areas of a person’s financial world so we can create a comprehensive retirement plan. We are passionate about seeing each and every client have our team there to guide them.”

Preparation for the exam often begins years in advance, and Gomendi’s success has come after two years of intensive graduate-level courses and a comprehensive case study submission. The certification highlights Strategic Retirement Plans’ commitment to providing excellence in the field of financial planning.

“We could not be more proud of Ryan’s outstanding effort in passing the CFP® exam,” says Gabe Lapito, Owner and Financial Advisor of Strategic Retirement Plans. “Over the last three years, Ryan has quickly developed into a key member of the SRP team. I’m excited for his future with us and the outstanding service he continues to provide for our clients through the ever-changing landscape of retirement.”

Lapito himself carries the CFP® certification. A high standard of competency alongside personal service have and will always remain at the forefront of how Strategic Retirement Plans conducts business.

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